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I seem to have run all out of deep thoughts lately. Not to worry. It is time for me to concentrate on some other things. I am moving this week and that takes all my time. I started a new medication which just knocked me out. And, of course, when I am busiest is when everyone wants my attention.

Today I am feeling alive again which is good since I have lots to do. I mean, seriously. LOTS.

Most of my books are packed away but I do have Streams of Mercy* by our own tribe member, Ann. I am going to share my very favorite meditation from that with you today. It's for Week Five of Epiphany, Monday. And the text is Hebrews 13:1-16.

Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.

And here 's what Ann says about it:

Sharing a table at Starbucks
Strangers chatting
on our separate ways
Later the barista sweeps
upthe feathers along with the
crumpled napkins.

I love this because it speaks directly to my own blindness. Even at a place as common as Starbucks I might encounter the holy. But, do I see? Or do I grab my steamer and go? How often I get so busy yacking away that I forget that it's the handiwork of God sitting across from me, behind the counter, spilling a little mocha, leaving trash on the table. Yes, all of those.

This makes me want to slow down, look through the trash to see who is there, what beauty I missed.

I'll be off-line for a week or so. While I am gone, look for beauty in unexpected places!

You can get Ann's book from AuthorHouse or at Amazon. You can read more from the book at both sites.

*Fontaine, Ann Kristin Haldors
. Streams of Mercy. AuthorHouse, 2005.

PS - I'll have a new email address, as well as a new physical address. If you feel you need that information, just leave a comment or email me at the old address in the next couple of days... well, today or tomorrow! and I'll get it right to you.
I am not inclined to post it for all the world to see but I won't deny the rest of you.


Ann said...

Thanks Lindy - and send me your new email --

Jan said...

I hope you'll email me, as someday we'll get together. We at least live in the same state.

Diane said...

good book recommendation. and person recommendation :)

Anonymous said...

Oh such a smart cookie --- Ann - aka AKHF