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There's a story I want to tell you. It's a pretty good story too. But, while I work on getting around to that, our friend Diane has posted a stunning sermon over at Faith in Community. If I were going to say anything really important, I hope I'd say something like what she said. Hei thee hence, I'm giving this my highest recommendation.

And, remember that her excellent dog, Scout, has a blog too. Scout's Food For Thought hasn't been updated in awhile but it's worth clicking over for the photos. You've just gotta love this dog.


And, as an added bonus, I would like for all the strighties out there to read this. And, since they don't require any further enlightenment on this subject, Diane and Ann are exempt. The rest of you really should do your best to read the whole thing. Hat tip to Barbi over at Feathers and Faith for the link.


Ann said...

The penquin widget is fun too.

Diane said...

wow, thank you.

and the same to you.

I'm embarrassed about Scout's blog, but I have lost the wordpress password, and I need to get reaquainted.

But it fits Scout. She is also kind of a high-maintenance dog.

Dogpoet said...

Thank you for the link it is much appreciated. Hope you are having a great week.

Catherine + said...

I know this may be off topic but when I see that Rowan, and Clumber, and Scout have blogs, I think of the blog Dragon started and how it ended all too soon. It was called Wigwag's Pad. I invite your dogs to visit it and to get to know a little about my beautiful boy, whom I had to send heavenward for his true healing.

Me, Catherine+, still in deep grief