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The Episcopal bishop of Texas has written to the diocese. I guess nobody told him that he's making an ass of himself and that he will eventually expend a great deal of energy back-peddling out of his neolithic Windsor musings. I am certainly not going to tell him because I don't care about his fat ass. But, here are just a few little gems from his post for those of you who still care:

These are from Bishop Doyle's blog post entitled "From Bp. Andy Doyle on Day 8." Clever title, eh?

...I believe the House of Bishops has in its power to make decisions and take actions through pastoral letters to the church without the House of Deputies.

...I shared with them my very clear commitment to the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Windsor Process, and the Covenant Process.

Both resolutions (DO25 and CO56) will, I am most certain, place strain on the Anglican Communion. Reactions I've received support this belief. However, we need to give the communion time to respond, and we need to listen to our Archbishop as he speaks to us about his thoughts and reflections on the events of General Convention.
I am committed to the Windsor Report recommendations and process which include a moratoria on blessings and elections of partnered gay clergy to the office of bishop.

I am committed to the Covenant and a process.

... And, that you will know of my very clear intention to continue on the Windsor Path.

OK. There's so much wrong with this that I'm not even going to go into it. Most of the people who read my blog are smart enough to figure it out without my blatherings.

But, remember what I said several months ago about how whatever goes on at GC won't really matter because all the bishops will go back home and do whatever they want anyway? 'Member that? Because it does appear that I was spot on. And you thought I was just being a negative nellie...

Look, read the whole thing. That's why I gave you the link to it. And read Andy Baby's other musings. Don't just take my word for it. There's plenty of assyness there to be discovered by you too.