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You know, I was over on the You Tube and I was looking for a very funny Purim video for you all. In the course of that... and there are no funny Purim videos, btw... I found this:

And, because there was no one around to share this profound thought with I thought to myself, Why in the Hell aren't we doing this in church?

I mean, really? Why not?

I had a Sunday School class do it once as part of a series I taught on the Roger Ferlo book, Opening The Bible. I was illustrating the different contexts in which we read the Bible and making some points about something or another along the way. Thing is, people loved it. They had never experienced reading the Bible together in that way. It was great.

What about if we did ALL the mitzvot of Purim? None of them are anti-Christian or anything.

By isolating Christian practice from the Hebrew culture that spawned it we essentially gut it of meaning, and we've removed most of the fun too. Where's the fun in religion, that's what I want to know. What? Only the Jews are allowed to have fun?

Without going too deeply into my theology of drag, just let me say that I'd like to dress up like a princess or a king once in awhile and drink until I can't tell my enemies from my friends. And I think that might be a good idea for some of the rest of you too.

Imagine gathering all your friends and enemies, throw in some annoying and stupid people too, and everybody hear The Megillah together with a grager in one hand and a beer in the other. Then dance to klezmer music until you all fall down from exhaustion. Drink until you love one another, however long that takes. Tomorrow we can get back to our disagreements but tonight -- even if we have to get drunk to do it -- let's be friends and dance.

There is so much to say about Purim that I am not even going to try. You all can work out your own salvation on it. But, for the love of Esther, have yourself some fun!

הבה נגילה

And, because I love you, you know I do... and I say this as a person who has been dringing ever since I realized it was Purim... I do love you... I am also giving you this likttle gem.

Love and peace...
an L'Chaim! and lobe.


Fran said...

Happy Purim Lindy! What a great post.

I remember being in NYC many years ago, near a black hat shul at Simchat Torah. I was shocked to see all the men out in the street shouting and dancing with wild abandon and joy.

Why aren't we doing this in church?

Paul said...

A joyous Purim to you, Lindy!

We need much more dancing in church.

Ann said...

I don't know about this year but in past years this church has done Purim.

Anonymous said...

Right Fran. Simchat Torah has a parade AND a dance. Good dancing too, not that kind where pretty ladies leap around with streamers. I can't stand that.

Right on, Paul. More dancing!

Thanks Ann. I hope they did celebrate Purim and I hope they had a rip-roaring good time. It's a good way to break up Lent.

Ann said...

Look later - after 8:30 ET -- for a link to your blog on Episcopal Cafe. Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Well, Ann, you know me and my big ideas... Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Between friends' layoffs, a 12-year-old's death from 'flu, and all the pants-scaring-off news floating around we need a little Purim. I loved the clarinetist in the Andre Rieu video.

Diane M. Roth said...

L'chaim and Amen to you too, Lindy! Great Great Great! It took a while to get here from vacation, migraine and funeral. Glad I did!!!!

Barbi Click said...

Thanks for this...I have needed to dance all week.

Padre Mickey said...

This Purim Song isn't really funny, but it comes from a funny movie!