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So what do you suppose will be so noteworthy that I break my long blog silence to comment on it?

An award, of course.

Thank you beautiful Eileen for stroking my ego and giving me something to blog about.

The award is basically meaningless, of course. There's no accompanying cash prize or anything. I can't even hold it in my hands and admire my reflection in it's shiny gold finish. But, I love it just the same. Something about being known and recognized delights the heart. It's palpable. Can't be ignored.

The blog world mystifies and fascinates me. I've never met any of you. Well, maybe a few. Yet I cry when your kitties die, I think of you when you are traveling, pray over you. I am in love with some of your dogs. And in these weeks when my own life has been discombublated and my internet access sketchy I've tried to convince myself that it didn't really matter. I got all my "real" work done, after all. At the end of the day, though, I'd wonder about you. And I missed you. Because you are real.

So, thanks Eileen for the Kick Ass Award. I've kicked more s*** than I care to recall and somehow, I'm still here. Thanks be to God, and a couple others.

I am granting the award to JohnieB because I loved his post about war and because I have a feeling he's a great soul.

I am also giving it to Doxy for her searing post on AIDS. This made me love you Doxy.

And I am giving it to Grendel who has posted some of the best dog writing on the whole internets. And I am also giving Grendel some virtual gravy. Check out "I Can Haz Psalms." It's beautiful.

I think I'll also give it to Kristen because she's been kicking cancer's ass.

And I'll give it to Elizabeth Kaeton just because. Just because I often find myself hoping she's posted on a subject because I want to know what she thinks about it. She's a sharpie, that Kaeton woman.

And I want to give it to one more person too. My fellow Texan and pal Barbi Click. Because she deserves an award.
You ALL kick ass.

Kick Ass Blogger Award

So, here's the rules... you know there's got to be rules else chaos would reign. And we can't have that.

  • Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
  • Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award
  • Share the love and link back to both the person who awarded you and back to
  • Hop on back to the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky then pass it on!

I copied and pasted these rules directly from the official Kickin' Ass site so you know they are the real thing. That said, play if you want and use the rules as best suits you.

Love to all,



Diane said...

Great bloggers all, Lindy! And you are so deserving yourself!

I am truly sorry about Scout's lack of blog activity. It is not her fault. We are having trouble with wordpress. And I am lazy.

I love Grendel. What a wise dog.

Lindy said...

Yes, Grendel has been on a roll lately. And ever since that photo... I'm just goo in Grendel's paw.

You are the kickin'ist blogger Diane (I won't use the controversial "a" word.) I visit you everyday.

Barbi Click said...

Well, first and foremost, I want to say how thankful I am that you have returned to the world of Blog. I have missed you. Very much. Both here and over at my place. It just gives me comfort knowing you check up on me now and again. :-)

and then what else can I say about this award. Rewards issued maybe, but an Award? Wow.

You know, Lindy, I probably couldn't do it with you. What would life as a writer be without readers? Just a bunch of hot air falling on a keyboard.

You rock, Sister!
(sure have been missing the Guadalupe this year! The Frio would be good too!)

FranIAm said...

Lindy - you do kick some serious touchas and I think you've chosen some bloggers who do the same.

FranIAm said...

Lindy - you do kick some serious touchas and I think you've chosen some bloggers who do the same.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Wow! I think even my blessed mother, who kicked ass first and took names later, would be impressed with this.

Thanks, Lindy. I am deeply honored.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Many congratulations!! You so deserve this. And I'm so glad you posted. Missed you.

Lindy said...

You know, Lindy, I probably couldn't do it with you.

Oh, if I had a nickle for every time a beautiful woman has said this to me...

johnieb said...

Thanks for the attention, Lindy; I'm glad you're back.

Wormwood's Doxy said...

Thank you so much, my friend! I am honored to be a Kick-Ass Blogger. I will try to respond on blog later today.

Hugs to you and Rowan...


Grandmère Mimi said...

Lindy, congratulations! If anyone is a Kick-Ass blogger, it's you. If we ever meet, I'll be careful not to stand too close. ;o)

Barbi Click said...

Giggle. :0
well, you KNOW what I meant! LOL
there I was trying to be OH SO humble!
as my grandmother would say, pshaw feller...

Jan said...

WOW. Lindy, congratulations--even with no cash award, prize, or glitter. "Kicking Ass" is an accolade in itself. It'll be fun to see those you awarded yourself. Glad you're back. (I hope?)

Lindy said...

Yes, I'm back and I've got a couple posts working in my head. Technical difficulties still have me down, but not out. Never out.


sharecropper said...

Looking forward to more kick ass blogging from you. We miss you when you're gone, and we think of you and pray for you as you do for us.