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Believe the Best

One of my friends in Sweeny called me a couple of times to let me know what was going on with the hurricane, etc... Another neighbor called too, and there is another friend that I was thinking of when I stepped into my favorite bakery early yesterday morning. (It's Weikel's, just north of LaGrange on the 71. Much better than the more popular Huskera's up the road.) Anyway, I bought a loaf of bread for all of us. As I made my first delivery the friend's husband opened the door. I explained my mission and handed him the loaf of bread and he said, "Huh... I never figured you'z the type." I said, "What do you mean?" And he admitted that he didn't really know. We smiled and I left. But, I knew what he'd meant. Based on never having met me for more than a minute or two, on never having had a converstion with me, based on nothing at all really, he'd assumed that I just wasn't the type to think of anyone but myself. I have lived in the city after all. I am an, a-hem, les-be-un. And everyone knows I don't go to church anymore... lost my faith, I guess. Anyway, I was wondering what it would be like if instead of trying to get a bead on one another's motives we just believed thebest about them. I mean, what would that be like?

I am going to practice believing the best about people today.


FranIAm said...

What an interesting post...

How assumptions are made and thoughts solidified in our lives.

Curiosity has so little value in our society, an open heart and mind.

This plagues us all at some level, I'd like to say it didn't but it does.

Your gesture was beautiful.

Bread. Life.

Jan said...

Thank you for offering the bread. Good suggestion; reminds me of what I posted about today about not judging.

Ann said...

I think you'z the type - to bring bread and wisdom into our lives.

Lindy said...

Yes, Fran, it's lack of curiosity that does us in. Good point.

That's a beautiful post Jan. Reminds me that as Peter was sinking into the raging sea Jesus did not help him navigate through the waves, he put him back in the boat. A call to community. And I suppose that does include Sarah Palin but, like you, I don't have to vote for her.

Thanks Ann. Back at you.

May we all have an uneventful day! I'm ready for one.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Why you'd be the first person I'd think would do something like you did with the bread!! Maybe it's cause I've always lived in a city and am still partially human myself.

I do not always believe the best about everyone. Can't in some cases here in my 'hood because of safety issues. Though I even wrestle with that. With my church requiring a year's membership and a background check to volunteer now I have to wonder what happened to Jesus in all this muck? It seems we're (the societal "we") turning over guiding opinions of others to secular agencies who charge us to tell us what to think.

I'll try to believe the best about people today too. But I still have to exclude those damned felons across the street.

Lindy said...

Well, Presbyterian Gal,Jesus wasn't afraid to dine with tax collectors. But, he let Judas hold onto the money. Know what I mean. Loving others doesn't preclude taking care of yourself. And, it is possible to love from afar. Take care.

Barbi Click said...

I remember the first thing I knew about stood out in the cold and rain (the word "cold" holds a different meaning now that I have moved to StL) and handed out food and blankets instead of going to church since the stupid church was SO stupid in SO many ways. Maybe rather than losing your religion, you only lost your religiosity.
I personally think you would give the shirt off your back if someone needed it more.
Glad you are home and safe and getting to know your neighbors! :-)

Presbyterian Gal said...

Thanks Lindy. I like that, "love from afar".

Diane said...

Lindy, I thought you were the type. and what a lovely gesture. take care.

Lindy said...

Well, Barbi, I've missed church for lesser reasons than that. I'd forgotten that it was even cold when we met. Mind like a sieve, you know.

Presbyterian Gal, you can honor your parents from afar too. The Bible is clear, love your neighbors, honor your parents. It doesn't say you have to be in the same room with them.

My grandfather had a garden from which he distributed generously. I think someday I'd like a garden. Like my grandfather, I'll put my fruit and vegetables in the pick-up and go around to all my neighbors distributing bags of tomatoes and cantaloupes. So, yes, I am the type. Learned it from my grandfather. He was the type too.