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Take Heed of the Ants

I'd like to give a big shout out to my good friends the Forelius ants which reside in the forests of Brazil. The reason I am such a fan of the Forelius is that they truly know what it means to give one's life for their friends. Each night, when all the Forelius' have snuggled down into their ant beds, a few of the worker Forelius ants remain outside the camp. They seal the enterance to the beds thus ensuring that their friends are safe for the night. The downside of this act of heroism is that the workers are doomed to certian death themselves. This is the first known case of "pre-emptive self-sactifice" among insects.*

See, God really is everywhere. If all we had was nature I think we could figure out how God wants us to live. I wasn't there, of course, when God put the stars on their courses or made the little flowers. But, I'm guessing those things aren't just by chance, nor are they just some divine hobby. Everything is important. Everything matters.

So let science and religion kiss one another. We all have so much to learn.

*Smithsonian Magazine, December 2008


Ann said...

Gives new meaning to "I am the gate/door" John 10:7-9

FranIAm said...

Lindy- thank you for this. Oh my, oh my.

And I love what Ann says!

Presbyterian Gal said...

Those ants are very cool!! Yes indeedy everything matters.

Jan said...

Thank you. There is so much to learn--about looking, seeing, being aware. The ants are a good image for me to remember.

Lindy said...

Very good Ann. I hadn't thought of that. You blog friends are so smart and cool. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Diane said...

Ann IS smart. And so are you.

You find such amazing things, Lindy.

Lindy said...

Ann is a genius.

You, you are a poet.

Fran has the gift of making us all feel special.

Lisa Fox: Sanest voice in the Anglican Communion.

I could go on...

The internets is great!

BillyD said...

I don't get it - why do the gate ants face certain death?