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Corinth Baptist Church in Magee, Mississippi was destroyed by a tornado last Thursday. If you're real interested, you can read about it here. Maybe it's because I'm not much of a Christian, but I was not all that interested. I did have one thought: There was probably a gay in there. It's always the gays you know. It's hard to believe that God, who directly controls these things, would destroy a perfectly good building if there weren't a gay or two in there. I wish I felt a little more compassion for the congregation. I was raised by Baptists, you know. But, I don't.

And, of all the beauty and good in this world, why am I posting this? Because Iam feeling fed up with stupidity in the name of God. I am tired of being blamed for decling church attendance and all manner of natural disasters. Tell the truth, I am tired of being gay.

Or, maybe I'm just tired...


8thdayplanner said...

I hope you are just tired.

Warm thoughts being sent your way.

Lindy said...

Thank you 8thdayplanner.

Wormwood's Doxy said...


I'm tired of being Christian some days. Especially when I see what gets promoted as "Good news." Sigh.

But Easter is coming. That's what I tell myself, anyway...


Presbyterian Gal said...

(((((Lindy))))) from me too.

I get tired of stuff too. Like Doxy, being Christian, sometimes. And when it comes to going out into the world and trying to get things accomplished - being a 50 plus female gets exhausting.

Prayers it will pass.

And church attendance is declining because so many of them are really not Christian any more.

Catherine + said...

We all get tired of being what society thinks we are...words...just things that try to define who we really are...I don't see gay or straight, I see God in every person I meet...because we are made in God's image...trite I know but true. Even the ignorant--and we all are to some extent--are made in God's image...and yet God can glorify Him/Herself in any person at any time. Yes, we get tired of the grind, but thanks be to God that God does not get tired of us.

sharecropper said...

I'm with you on two of your points, Lindy. I was kicked out of the Baptist Church in Mississippi for dancing (that was in 1962), and I got tired of being a lesbian (that was in 1969).

Fortunately, I left Mississippi and the Baptist Church - found the Episcopal Church and a wonderful woman with whom to spend the rest of my life.

No promises for anyone else, but surviving Mississippi and the Baptists is possible.

Blame is just a kind of fear; I know fear - lack of money, being abandoned, lack of acceptance.

My good Baptist cousin who takes care of my uncle welcomes me and my partner and offers us her guest room with a double bed whenever we come to visit. She cooks special meals and treats us with radical hospitality...even though we all know that she doesn't "approve".

Let us pray for ourselves and our Baptist cousins that we may all know the peace of living together with radical hospitality.