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And, it's another bird picture. This little fellow visits me regularly. There are several others too, male and female. Plus, some little birds too. They are just outside my window and I hear them whenever I am reading or working. I sometimes wonder what the chirps mean. Maybe they are calling to one another, "Hey, food over here...." But, probably not. A little anthropomorphic license please.

These little birds are everywhere. There's a river just, I don't know, maybe a hundred yards from here. Very wild. Yet, for their ubiquity, not even one of these little birds falls down but that God doesn't know about it. And, one presumes that if God knows God also cares.

I am thinking that if God is concerned for them, I should be too.

If God cares so much for little wild feathery things, shouldn't I take more care with the big-brained mammalian things in my own life? The birds make me want to be more gentle with others, and to walk a little lighter on the planet.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

I love cardinals. We have three nesting pairs in our yard this year, and it's so much fun to watch the six of them pecking around for food.

Jasper loves them so much that he chases them at every opportunity. ;-)

Presbyterian Gal said...

That IS a very pretty bird!

Lindy said...

Dox, Rowan is the same way. Always on the lookout.

Diane said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture. I wish I was better at identifying bird songs.

David G. said...

Chick chick chickadee!! ...Sounds like W.C.!!