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Outta Here...

It's time to let everyone know that my plans to get out of Texas have been finalized. Most of you know that I have been working towards this for about two years, deciding what to do, and where to go.

As it turns out there is a good opportunity for me in Wuxi, China. Very flat and verdant, much like the Texas Gulf Coast. I think it's a pretty town, and an exciting place to be. I'll be working at the Wuxi South Ocean College in the School of International Cooperation. We serve about 400 students who are preparing to continue their studies in English-speaking countries and we have relationships with schools in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK.

Of course you are naturally more concerned for little Rowan than you are for me, and that is totally understandable. He will stay right where he is, at his Mama Rita's house. He has a dog door which exits onto a large back yard. He digs holes, runs, and barks more than the neighbors would like. But, I'll tell you what, there are no squirrels in Rowan's area. I have been acclimating Rowan to his new home for over a year now and I have every confidence that he will be happy and continue to receive the level of care that you know I demand for him. This was never something I was willing to compromise on, and I assure you that if I hadn't been able to make adequate arrangements for Rowan, I wouldn't be leaving.

I am probably leaving someone off this email, I'm sorry for that. I will, however post to the blog and you may feel free to share this information should you find anyone who is interested.

Here's some photos of Wuxi I snagged off Google Images.

wuxi, city of wuxi, jiangsu provinceTLake-wuxi.jpg.jpg

You can see that there's lots of water. Wuxi is on Lake Tai Hu which is gigantic. Lots to see there.
Buddha seems fairly popular. A temple on every corner...

Cable Bridge over the Yangtsee River

Apartments overlooking the Grand Canal in Wuxi, China

The city is crossed by ancient canals, still in use. Very cool, I think.

Downtown area of Wuxi China

Wuxi Skyline

You can see that it's a city of contrasts: New and old, Modern and traditional, a small village of five million!

I leave on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Many kids Buddha in Wuxi.


Jan said...

This is so very exciting!! I hope you'll be blogging from there. It is good that Rowan is staying in TX, though you'll miss each other.

Elizabeth said...

I wish you safe passage, my friend.
I will keep you in my prayers. Let me know how to reach you once you get settled and I will send you regular "coffee chats" since it will be a while before we can meet at Starbucks again. Good luck on your wonderful adventure!!
Love you,

lindy said...

Thanks, Jan. I'll start a new blog once I get there. Will post the link here.

Elizabeth, my cheerleader, my friend... I miss you already. I wish you could see Rowan in the yard here. He is so happy with the rock pile, the wood pile, and so many things to bark at. I often catch him just laying on the patio. But, if I step outside he gets right up and begins to look busy. So funny. He is happy and that makes it easy to leave him.

Fran said...

Oh - Lindy, you are a gift.

Diane said...

waiting for you to re-appear.

Jane R said...

Dear Lindy, I have been thinking of you as you travel and will be writing you soon. +Maya and I send love and we are also sending good vibrations and interspecies prayers to dear +Rowan. Thanks for the pictures and thanks for being YOU. Much love, Jane and your feline bishop friend Maya Pavlova

susan s. said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have been sick! Prayers for your continued recovery. Please keep us posted! I thought I was on your email list. I just found out about this from Mimi's blog.

Anonymous said...
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