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What I Learned From Joyce Meyer Today

"If God is in control then you don't need to know why."

I don't usually watch the Joyce Meyer TV show. I don't like the clothes she wears, I don't like her theology, and I don't like the way she talks. The whole thing makes me feel like I'm at a washateria. But I am curious enough about Joyce that if I happen to run across one of her TV sermons I'll stop and listen for a few minutes. This is what she said on my TV yesterday.

If God is in control then you don't need to know why.

If I were guessing, I'd say that fully half of the angst in my life is over the question of why. I won't give you a litany of all my big WHY questions. You probably have enough of your own without hearing mine.

Why... all those things. Why indeed. And I've spent a good deal of time thinking, praying and bitching about my own why questions. But all of them boil down to WHY. Why.

I am a Christian, have been for a long time. I know that God is in control. I do. I know it. Yet I feel almost as if I have a right to know why certain things are the way they are. Not that I question God but sometimes it does seem like He may not have all the facts. If only I knew what God was thinking, maybe I could be of some assistance, helpful soul that I am.

In her own special way, Joyce Meyer finally gave me the perspective I've been missing on that. Probably the rest of you were reluctant to say it to me. But, it's just none of my business. What God does, why God does it... It's none of my business. I don't need to know.

I find it easier to trust God when God is doing things that I understand, especially if they are kind of in the direction I was trying to lead Him anyway... Know what I mean? But, if I really have any confidence in God, if I have any faith at all, then maybe I will get out of the business of monitoring God's activities and allow myself to be the subject of them, maybe I will stop passing judgment on God's reasoning and accept the fact that it is too high up there for me, maybe -- just maybe -- I can stop being God and let God do it for awhile.

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Marianne said...

And to think, just months ago you were so disappointed in me for being drawn to Joyce when she said, "Stop being bitter and get better."

I see Joyce much like you do. Annoying nasal tone, a dreadful wardrobe, terrible complexion, but sometimes when I am peddling to no-where on the stationary bike and surfing channels, I am drawn into what she is saying and I stop to listen for a little bit.

Every once in awhile, you find something good.

I also made a difficult decision the other day to ask Shark to go to a few couples counseling sessions before the big day. I am beginning to get cold feet, so the first session will be for me, the others will be for us both. I'm a little scared.

LIndy said...

Oh my... and didn't one of your friends as strongly as possible advise you to get pre-marital counseling about oh, I don't know, A YEAR ago?

It can be fun and healthy and I think it'll do a world of good. Go to someone good.

Everybody has their gift. I don't want to overlook Joyce just because she wears sparkly clothes.

Jan said...

Well, you've helped me with my tendency to judge people like Joyce and dismiss them. God worked through her, and you were open to that! Thanks for sharing, as I probably would not have kept the tv on--judging is hard to give up!

eileen - the uppity woman said...


I luf your new diggs! I luf this post...I don't care for Joyce either..but dang if she didn't say something that made some sense.

Now, if only I could take that advice...(wanders off, muttering at God...WHY?)

FranIAm said...

Pretty much what everybody else said...

I love this new space a lot Lindy!

Diane said...

oh, about Joyce, what everyone said. (shudders). I have to say that I have a terrible time with her. But maybe I'm just bitter because she has written and sells lots of books and I've... well, you get my drift. I have to admit, this one sentence is pretty good, though.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Nice new place! Very warm and friendly here.

Joyce, Joyce, Joyce. I like some of her, till I watch too much and get annoyed with what I feel is her rich folk pandering. Though she does say some provocative things.

This not having to know why business bugs me too. A lot. Got a big list today. Got bigger this morning.

Barbi Click said...

Trog that I am, I do not know Joyce Meyer. BUT I totally relate to the quote and to your thoughts! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Ann said...

I think God gave up control - look at him hanging on the cross.

Ann said...

Also I learned that if you click the track pad while drawing on your Jackson Pollack widget - you get another color.

Lindy said...

Very interesting... Thank you Ann. That's a good thought to start the weekend with.

And did you know that you can feed the fish by clicking in their pond?

Grandmère Mimi said...

...sometimes it does seem like He may not have all the facts....

Lindy, thanks for the laugh. Who knows? Maybe she doesn't have all the facts. But Joyce sure does. On the odd occasion, I do cry out, "Why, God, Why!?" but I don't really expect an answer.

And if you click in several different places, the fish go crazy.

Grandmère Mimi said...

Just in case anyone is interested, I have played "Mary Had a Little Lamb", "Jingle Bells", and "Oh, How I love Jesus" on the piano. I am so proud.

Lindy said...

Yeah...there are a couple of funnies in there for those with eyes to see.

The fish love being fed. Just don't feed them too much. I don't want them to get cyber-fat.

Lindy said...

Grandmère Mimi, You're a cyber-prodigy.

I am trying to see how many compound modifiers I can make using the word "cyber." I'm up to two.

Your cyber-friend,
(make that three)


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Lindy---I've gotten way behind on my blogs, because I'm only just now getting around to using a feed please forgive the late comment.

I'm with Ann---I *don't* believe that God is always in control. How can that be, when we have free will?

I'd be interested to get your take on that question...

Lindy said...

I've been thinking about this for a couple of days Doxy.

I believe that God is in control. I even believe that God, in Jesus, was in control on the cross. It was in not using the control he had -- and, in fact, giving it to others -- that Jesus' death became redemptive for the rest of us.

In writing about resisting evil Swami Vivekananda says this: "The one who from weakness does not resist, commits a sin, and there fore cannot receive any benefit from his nonresistance; while the other would commit a sin by offering resistance." Swami Prabhavanda explains that by saying that we must gather the power to resist; having gained it, we must renounce it.

I think that God has it. I think that Jesus had it. So does the Holy Spirit. It's a god-quality to have all power and knowledge and to also have control. But, the quality that runs parallel to that is the will to relinquish such power.

Now what that means to me in real life is that there are times when I -- not God -- have been granted control which is not really my own. The authority that Jesus gives us is not for us to use for ourselves, it's more of a trust. It obligates more than it empowers.

There is a temptation to take a fatalist approach and say "Oh, God is in control so I have no responsibility." But, the other temptation,the one which says we are in control, implies that we also set the agenda.

I think that it's in exercising control that has been given to us, and on behalf of an agenda that is not our own, that we find the right balance.

Thanks for getting me to think that through.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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