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An explanation and apology

Dear Blog Friends,

I am sorry that I've not been in touch with you. Several weeks ago I thought I was starting a project that would take a week to ten days. I didn't think you'd even notice I was gone.

Turns out that this is more demanding than I'd realized and taking longer too. I wish I'd written to you sooner to let you know that I would be out of pocket. The time has slipped up on me though. A month has passed already.

I am still here, still fruity, and hale and hearty. Rowan is well too.

Please forgive me for ignoring you. As I've continued to pray for you and think about you this last month I realize that you really are more than "virtual" friends to me. You're real, after all. And my affection for you is real too. I know that some of you have been concerned for me, and I am sorry for causing you to worry.

I really find my lack of consideration in this matter pretty appalling. But, as you already know if you're a blog friend, I am prone to sin and screw-ups like the rest.

I am back in place for a few days. Planning trips to the bank, post office, stylist, and doctor. Just taking care of the things that have lapsed this month. I may not be back to regular blogging for another month or so. But, I will not neglect you in my prayers and I'll be back in the blog world soon.




Jan said...

Lindy, it was a relief to see your letter here. You sound very busy. Please don't apologize so much; you are doing what you need to do. I'm glad both you and Rowan are well. Take care.

FranIAm said...

I am just glad to know you are well - in fact when I was out walking (and praying) today I thought that I must reach out again, but failed to do so.

Do what you must.

Know that you are loved.

We await your return!

Diane said...

we just care about you and are glad you are ok, but working hard. your prayers are appreciated.

Presbyterian Gal said...

Well I am just deeeeelighted that you and Rowan are fine and that you're busy with your life and work!

You go do what you need to and we'll keep your seat in the comfy chair all ready for you when you're ready to come back.

Jane R said...

Dear Lindy, great to hear from you. Worry not, life in the flesh has priority over blogging (delightful as blogging may be) so do not feel pressured or guilty. A joyous, safe, and playful Fourth to you and +Rowan. Peace and love, Jane and +Maya

Ann said...

Lindy-- just good to know all is well --- no need to apologize.