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California Votes Yes on Hate... A Pictorial Tour

I thought you all might enjoy a little pictorial tour of HateLand. If our pal Fran were posting this it would be tagged "Jesus I'm sick of these people." I'm just blowing off steam with this one. I love my straight friends. I do. But, just to be honest, some of them I just want to walk up to and say, "What the fuck are you thinking about?" Not any of you guys. But, see below... you'll see what I mean.

This pretty heterosexual couple is feeling relieved and happy now that their marriage is secure.

These big strong straight men have succeeded in protecting their godly christian families from the clear and present danger of homosexuals.

This happy heterosexual couple dances for joy. Now that the homosexuals have been defeated they can look forward to many years of feeling superior to their lesbian neighbors.

Finally, these heterosexual couples are able to embrace one another in the sure knowledge that they really are superior to homosexuals, witches, and other evil doers.

These happy heterosexuals are saying a prayer to jesus to thank him for their heterosexuality and to give him thanks and praise that they are not like their nasty queer neighbors.

This dear lady is especially thankful. "Oh, thank you dear sweet lard geasus, thank you for my va-j-j and thank you for making me a woman of god." Because, as everyone knows, lesbians are not real women, and certainly not women of God. The other woman is wearing a cross pendant to show that she really does love jesus quite a lot.

Here ends the tour. All photos are nicked from the Orange County Register. They have a slidshow and everything. You'll be able to see that I took liberties with the photos. Some of these people are NO supporters, and Obama-types. But, they served a higher purpose here.


Jan said...


MadPriest said...

If that man with a mustache in Finally, these heterosexual couples is straight then I've been voted Miss America!

Lindy said...

That guy is celebrating an Obama victory, so he's one of ours. As is the last lady. I have simply abused their images for my own evil purposes. I feel mildly bad about that and may take those two photos down later... depending on whether or not I still feel badly about it.

On the other hand, you'd make an excellent Miss America!

You are in luck Jan because there are approximately 60 million other blogs for you to choose from. I hope you can find one more to your liking.

I don't know what the straighties think they have won. Prop 8 didn't change anything for them. Were they without their marriages while the gays were getting married? Were they all on the brink of divorce, and now have been made safe? I don't get it? What's the great danger to them? I just don't get it.

The are celebrating as if they've won the super bowl, or Miss America. What do they think they've accomplished.

Again, I just don't get it.

Diane said...