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Presbyterian Gal said...

Lindy I had not read about how you were kicked out of your church! What a heinous thing that was. That is just so damned wrong. Like you said on your last post "Everyone who runs toward him makes it." And what a great blessing it is when we help each other on the way.

That you stay friends with them bespeaks of how it was hugely their loss to kick you out.

*spits and shakes head*

Frair John said...

The mendacities and hypocracy of the Dio of Texas are legion, but only become clear the further one gets from the "core" in Houston.

Lindy said...

Hey, no spitting... I've got a funny stopry about that but am not really at liberty to share it. It's funny though.

Thanks for visiting Frair John. I see from your blog roll that we read quite a few of the same blogs. Don't you just love Elizabeth Kaeton's Baptismal Love Letters? I want to spend some more time at your place but for now... I'm off to get my weekend marching orders.

Hang in there everybody. It's almost Tuesday.


Marianne said...

I am looking forward to your post about honoring parents. That is something I am currently struggling with.

I wait, anxiously.

Dennis said...

you know I missed it the first time that you posted it. how awful.

I hope that you are no longer defending and befriending someone who did this kind of institutional violence to you. What kind of "friend" does this to you? And why let them off of the hook by befriending them after they did this to you?

be strong. I certainly understand the bit about wandering in the wilderness for a few years. I'm there, now. If it weren't for all of you that I have met through OCICBW... I would be even further in the wilderness. (Thanks for being part of my coming in from the wilderness!)

Try and ignore the awful posts on the HOBD list. Plenty of days I can't even bring myself to open it because I don't want to read a post about how my partner and I are somehow destroying the gospel and the church. So I hit delete. I'm tempted to unsubscribe but I want to see B033 repealed, first.

Don't be afraid to use the delete button, both for the HOBD discussion and for "friendships" built on your pain.

Take care, and pet Rowan for me.

sharecropper said...

Lindy, you are such a special person, and I honor you for you intuitive thinking and blogging.

Honoring parents is essential but sometimes difficult to do. On my father's birthday, I try to remember the good times and let go of the bad ones.

However, I just discovered your small post on love. It is enough for all time.


Grandmère Mimi said...

Lindy, I reread your account of being thrown out of the church. Once again, the vicar bears responsibility for what she did. Not that you should nurse a grudge against her, but how could you continue to be friends with her? She was not your friend. Friendship is a two-way relationship.

I once subscribed to Listserv, but I stopped because I had too many emails coming in. I'm glad I stopped. There were excellent comments there, but there was a lot of crap, too. I can't say that I miss it.

Tell us about your father and show us the pictures of Rowan at the beach. And post your blog awards.

Much love.

FranIAm said...

I remember reading that post and how I felt when I did... and how I do now.

Lindy, you are a such a treasure. Speaking truth out loud.

And I just saw Rowan at the beach - a prayer with four legs and great style, that is what Rowan is!

Ann said...

The photos are great - what a fun day for you and Rowan. I am recovering from g-kid fun at the park. The priest bears all the responsibility - she is the one with the power and she abused it. Good you chose the better path for yourself.

Lindy said...

Well, I see that everyone's been here except Tom. Ask me how surprised I am. Go on ahead, ask me. No, nevermind. It was a rethorical question.

Tom had better hurry though because we are about to cut this post down to size and let it slip quietly to the bottom of the page where it belongs.

Marianne, I am so glad to hear that you are struggling with the honoring your parents thing. Thrilled about it, in fact. I am. It's all a struggle, dear friend. And if you are struggling... well, that just means you are doing it. God has put something in your sweet heart to make you want to go towards Heaven. And, that's how you get struggles: By just going along on the path. We can talk about honoring parents though. You are not the only one to struggle with that one.

I thank you all for your comments, and your support. I echo what Dennis said about OCICBW being a place to belong when nobody else wants you. I sometimes think it's a little too crass for me but, hey, they take me.

My relationship with the vicar is, like most things in life, complicated. I think we may have a post-kicking-out-post to talk about that. It would probably help me if I wrote it down. It has certainly given me some challenges, things to work through. I've had 6/7 more years of working on that than the rest of you so trust me a little.

A blessed Feast of the Resurrection to all,and love... lots and lots of love,


Anonymous said...
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