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Everyone else has been posting pictures of their favorite Andrew Wyeth painting. You all know what a lemming I am. So...
My own favorite, of course, is one of the dog paintings. Andrew Wyeth has a couple of good dog paintings. This one, though, looks to me like the dog is waiting for it's guardian. The eyes are open and although it is laying down, there's alertness.

I was living in DC in 1986 when the discovery of the Helga Collection was made known. The next year it was one of the hottest tickets at The National Gallery. It's rare that you actually need a ticket, but interest in the Helga Collection was so great that they limited the number of people that could visit each day. When I saw the paintings, I knew I had encountered greatness.


sharecropper said...

The Wyeth Museum in Greenville, SC, had a display of many of his drawings back in the 70s, and I went. How wonderful to see the way a picture developed for him, and I have most of his books. I think one of my favorites is an old man and the dog...but I can't find it online and my books are under the dirty sheets and towels right now. LOL

l said...

I don't know that one SC, and I couldn't find it either. He does seem to have loved his dogs. is women too, but it's the dogs that get me.