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The Friend Award

A few weeks ago, like two or something, I got the friend award. Thanks for giving me that. Being a good friend, even a blog friend, is something I value.

So, I've been thinking about who to pass the award on to. I am giving it to a whole class of people, and you pretty much have to judge for yourself whether or not you are in it.

For one thing it only goes to straight people. No homos need apply. And it goes to those straight people who have taken it upon themselves to really understand the gay experience. There are a couple of you lurking around here.

If I were a straight woman. Alright now, stop giggling... If I were, I don't know if I would have done the work to figure out any alternative sexualities, I doubt seriously that I would have made it a cause.

It is all to easy to say, Well that's not really my issue. I would very likely have been too involved with whatever had my attention at the moment to give much thought to it. And that is why I think it's so extraordinary that straight people join the struggle and do the work.

I like to imagine that I would have been like some of you: concerned about justice, reading the gospels through the eyes of the marginalized, passionate about bringing all God's children to the table. But, I don't know... I think I am passionate about those things because they impact my own issues so closely. But, I see you out there. I see you, and I am learning from you.

So, this award goes to my straight friends, the ones who brook no compromise and take on all injustice as if it were their own cause. I am thankful for your passion, and I am thankful that I know you.


Presbyterian Gal said...

And now my own 82 year old mom is figuring this out and opening her heart too. If anyone thinks they're too old to grow, or change, think again.

Jan said...

Thank you.

Barbi Click said...

This is pretty cool, Lindy. What a great question...I wonder if I would either...I hope I would.

Lindy said...

Presbyterian Gal's mom gets the award. If you're trying, you get it.

You're welcome Jan.

You know Barbi, I don't think I would. I wish I would,and I might eventually be influenced by the good example of the others. But, I can be pretty self-centered. The other question that it makes me ask is, what else am I missing? What else am I just not seeing? I think we have to look around everyday and and ask the all important WWWJTAT? - Well, what would Jesus think about that?