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I am not sure if I am supposed to put this on FaceBook or email it to people or what... So, I am jut putting it here.

I got tagged for the 25 things about you meme. So, here they are, in no particular order:

1. It is 365 days until my next birthday,
2. Like many of you, I drink too much Diet Coke.
3. I generally prefer to be alone.
4. I am not a morning person.
5. I am easily and quickly bored.
6. I might be overly fastidious in my personal hygiene.
7. I have poor self esteem.
8. I once met Janet Jackson. It did not go well.
9. I have lived on both coasts.
10. I let my dog sleep on the bed.
11. I collect miniature metal buildings.
12. I don’t like shopping. Shopping is not a hobby.
13. I have all kinds of friends,
14. I like chamber music, especially if there’s a harpsichord.
15. My new favorite wine is Yellow Tail. I change favorites every couple of months.
16. I am as devoted as I can be to the Blessed Mother Mary.
17. I have a fairly decent collection of original art, several Texas artists.
18. I save bicentennial quarters, Not sure why.
19. My favorite TV shows are Ugly Betty and Boston Legal.
20. I have a brother.
21. I get sea sick.
22. I have secrets that no one knows.
23. I like hymn singing.
24. I am in physical pain more often than anyone would guess. Hard living, you know.
25. I do not believe that I am all that interesting.

If you want to play, you're tagged. If you don't want to play, no problem.


+clumber said...

10. I let my dog sleep on the bed.

As it should be!

Church called, said I have a calendar waiting... they were laughing about the return address!

Woof to Rowan!

Jan said...

2 and 7 are like me--except I drink too much of that outdated diet drink TAB.

Jane R said...

I too have a brother and am devoted to Blessed Mother Mary and let my four-legged friend (+Maya, whom you and +Rowan know) sleep on the bed. No Tab and no Coke though -- don't like soda, never have. I too have lived on both coasts.

Happy Birthday!! (I know I'm a little late.)

Barbi Click said...

BOston Legal...yes. :-) Ugly Betty too.
Texas artists -- we have three Larry Dykes. I used to have several G. Harveys...Said I would never sell my prints...guess what? I did. :-) such is life.
You are VERY interesting.
If anyone knew your secrets, these wouldn't be secrets any more! :-)

Lindy said...

Yea, +Clumber joined the Calendar Club. If anyone else wants a Rowan Calendar just let me know, we have a couple left.

TAB? Oh, Jan... Dear Jan... It's too awful to contemplate. A switch to Diet Coke could raise your self-esteem.

Me and Jane R have a lot in common. Jane, I wish I didn't like soda. I've quit several times but, I've got to tell you, it's like cigarettes which took me years to totally quit. But, OI know that one day I too will be a non-soda drinker.

Barbi and I should get together for TVo night. I have to say, though, I am loosing interest in TV again. I go through a cycle of a couple of years watching TV and a couple of years not. I feel a NOT year coming on. My very favorite Texas artist is a near unknown: LeighAnn Spraggins. Also a big fan of Joyce Ritchey, and have several originals by both. We should compare notes sometime.