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I've got a couple of things to blog on, and I want to get around to it. I do. But, I am very into Psalm 119 with special attention to a certain word, and that has got most of my attention. Plus, I am occasionally looking in on the rest of you. And, I am trying to learn a new song on the piano. I have some thank you notes to get out. And, of course, little Bishop Rowan would like some play time.

I would like you to say a prayer, if you are so inclined, for my friend Linda -- that's right, same name as me. She's having what should be a minor operation today but she's feeling scared about it.

Even if I don't write to you, know that many of you remain in my prayers and close to my thoughts too. Your concerns and uncertainties are never far from God's heart. It's true. You are each a beautiful, and precious, gem in God's eyes. Mine too, actually.



Marianne said...

Love you too Lindy. My life is so much richer with you in it.