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The Squirrels

I knew you'd want proof of this. The squirrel is now hanging upside down and eating from the bird feeder.

I have given up on any kind of alternative for the squirrels. They want to eat from the bird feeder.

Occasionally another squirrel will approach and then there's a lot of squirrel noise and one of the other of them runs off. I can't tell which. They all look alike to me.

Once in awhile an actual bird shows up.


Jan said...

The squirrels drive me crazy. They are too smart. We cannot get them out of our attic.

ROBERTA said...

that is one determined squirrel!!!

Presbyterian Gal said...

If it is a flying squirrel does it count as a bird?

Jane R said...

Okay, so +Maya was nowhere near this room and suddenly when I clicked on your blog and started looking at the squirrel she showed up! She also tried to step on the keyboard three times (good trinitarian bishop that she is) but I wouldn't let her because she was headed for the power button and would have made the squirrel and everything else disappear. She has now just jumped over the keyboard, attempting to prove that cats too can fly.

Great squirrel photos.