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Traducianism - The Word For The Day

The Theological Word For The Day is one I'd never heard before. And I am still not sure how to pronounce it. Read the definition, though, and you'll see why I am not likely actually say the word out loud anyway.


Lat. tradux, “a shoot” or “sprout”

The theological position in anthropology which argues that God creates the soul indirectly through the parents as he does the body. Trudicianists believe that their is a distinction between the material (body) and immaterial (soul/spirit), but they do not believe that they are created through two separate acts of creation. They believe that the immaterial is created in and with the material. Therefore, for the traducianist, there is never a time when the body is without a soul. Traducianist argue against “anthropological creationism”which asserts that God creates the immaterial (soul/spirit) directly and then places it in the material body at or sometime after conception. Traducianists believe that God ceased from ex nihilo (”out of nothing”) creation on the sixth day and since then all creation is done indirectly. Traducianists also argue that a belief in “anthropological creationism” evidences gnostic or dualistic leanings, implying that the body is a lesser entity than the soul.

Read about how this subject relates to abortion

Of course you all won't have to click on the link to see how it relates to abortion. That sort of thing is for people who need to have things explained to them a step at a time. It's evident already to the rest of us.

You know, this view is not exactly in the Bible. It's certainly not the Hebrew view of things. Sometimes I just wonder who makes this stuff up.

Furthermore, it seems like this should have shown up in the Anthropological Word Of The Day box and not the Theological Word Of The Day. Not to be picky. Just saying. OCICBW.

Anyway, it's a word I didn't know. Maybe you don't know it either. I think the best thing about it is that you can use it to scare fundamentalists. They hate big words.


Diane said...

I was blissfully ignorant of this word. wish I still was.

Ann said...

I have been awaiting word of this word. Thanks - LOL